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Cirencester Town ‘YouWin’ Club

The 'YouWin' Club is designed to make it easy for you.

Join, we’ll send your 'YouWin' Club number(s). At the start of the next month you go straight into the next draw.

There is no need to claim - when you win, we contact you with the good news.

Your questions answered …

How does the ‘YouWin’ Club work?

Each subscription is allocated a unique number. As long as your subscription is up to date, your number is entered into the draw. When your number is drawn, congratulations - you’re a winner! It’s as simple as that.

How much does it cost?

One subscription is £10 per month, £120 annual. That is just £2.31 per week per entry. You can improve your chances of winning if you make more than one entry. Only paid up members are entered in the draw.

What are the prizes?

There are weekly and monthly prizes. And one big annual prize. The amount paid is dependent on the number of members of the YouWin Club:

As an example the following table shows what will be paid out based on membership numbers:

Number of Members 50 100 150 200
52 Weekly prizes £31 £62 £93 £124
12 Monthly prizes £94 £188 £281 £375
1 Annual prize £1,246 £2,492 £3,739 £4,985

The weekly draw is made each Monday.

The monthly draw is made on the last day of each month.

The annual draw is made at a Cirencester Town Football Club event, advertised in advance.

Each draw is made and witnessed at The Corinium Stadium.

All prize winners are notified by post and email. In addition details are posted on the club website and will be posted at the club. During the season details are in the match programme.

What happens to the proceeds?

First, they fund the cash prizes. After covering costs (printing, accounting and audit), the surplus is allocated by the Club Committee to develop Cirencester Town Football Club, from the Juniors through to the First Team, as well as CTFC community activities.

How do I pay?

Subscriptions are paid by cheque or standing order, monthly or annually.

How do I join?

Complete the application - click on the menu option on the left to reach it - and return it to the YouWin Promotor, details below. Why not do it now!

Licensed by Cotswold District Council in accordance with Part 1 of the First schedule to the Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976, Licence Number C.236.

Promoter: Alan Sykes, President, Cirencester Town Football Club, The Corinium Stadium, Kingshill, Cirencester, Glos GL7 1HS

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