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What is Walking Football?

Walking Football is described as "a slower version of the beautiful game designed to help people keep an active lifestyle and help older people who live in social isolation meet new friends"

Though based on association football, the key difference in the rules, from standard football, is that if a player runs then they concede a free kick to the other side. This restriction, together with a ban on slide tackles, is aimed both at avoiding injuries and facilitating the playing of the sport by those who are physically disadvantaged.
The manner in which the sport is played promotes cardiovascular fitness whilst producing the least stress on the body. It also helps participants maintain an active lifestyle. In walking football the game was originally played without goalkeepers (though goalkeepers now play in some variations) and, crucially, the ball must never be kicked above hip height. Different footballs are used in the indoor and the outdoor variations of the sport.
When played indoors, a size 4 futsal ball is used. Outdoor games involve a traditional football.
Cirencester play in the GFA Walking Football League and have done since it's inception during the 2015-16 season, winning the over 60s title in the 2017-18 season
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