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Pitching In Southern League 

Division 1 Central 


Cirencester Town  3 - 0  Hadley FC 



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Match photos supplied by Graham Hill



Match report by Dave Pyzer



Following two weeks on the road The Centurions returned to The Corinium Stadium to host HADLEY FC and after opening the scoring late in the first half they added two more around the hour to secure a solid victory.


In terms of league positions and current form – prior to the match the visitors sat in 17th place in the league table with 9 points from the 9 games played whilst their hosts were 7th in the table with 16 points from 12 games. Examination of the ‘6-Match Form Guide’ table reveals that Hadley have obtained 9 points from their last 6 games and Cirencester 7 points to place them in 7th and 12th places respectively in that table. Last season this fixture produced 2-2 draw whilst the reverse fixture ended in a 1-0 victory for today’s visitors.


The Cirencester starting eleven had one change from last week as Charlie McCrae replaced the suspended Luca Robinson (following his Red Card last week at Waltham Abbey) and Felix Miles switched wings to accommodate this.



The visitors kicked-off playing towards The Arena end of the ground and immediately launched the ball to their left corner where it was headed clear by Will Christopher.

Three minutes into the game Cirencester mounted an attack as Charlie McCrae laid the ball back to Charlie Johnson who sent it towards the left corner where Harry Burns chased it down to return it to Johnson who sent a dangerous cross through the edge of the visitors 6-yard box and out for a goal-kick. 

A minute later Johnson headed the ball inside from the left touchline to Nick Peare, near the half-way line, and he launched a 50-yard cross-field pass to Felix Miles who cut inside from the right front corner of the Hadley Penalty Area to be robbed, enabling Hadley to counter to their left corner where a throw-in reached Isaac Stones who chipped the ball from the by-line  

towards the near post where Lawrence Ajong glanced his header wide of the far-right post. 

Within a couple of minutes Johnson supplied Reegan Messenger, left channel front edge of the Hadley box, but his instant shot was wide of the far-right post.

Once again Hadley responded as Mohammed Dabo reached the right corner to cross – Peare heading away at the near post and as it was worked forward a period of ‘head tennis’ followed with the ball going backwards and forwards for some time.

Leading up to the mid-point of the half McCrae sent the ball down his flank towards the corner where Miles chased, collected and cut back to ‘win’ the first corner kick of the match – Goal Kick awarded.

This was soon followed by a firm pass from Peare to Dan Grieve, back to Joe Turley, left to McCrae who charged to the front corner of the visitor’s box - cross blocked.

It had been a busy opening quarter with no real threat on either goal but early in the second quarter Hadley had the ball in the back of the home net when a deep cross towards the Penalty Spot from Hadley’s left flank resulted in an aerial challenge on ‘keeper Stuart Nelson as he made the necessary catch - the ball breaking loose to be bundled into the net before being disallowed for a free kick to be awarded to Cirencester (Nelson requiring treatment for a large bump that was quickly developing on his cheekbone).

A couple of minutes later Cirencester worked the ball down their right flank – Christopher inside to Messenger, forward to Turley, right to Burns who reached the corner – throw-in to Cirencester launched by Burns into the visitors box, cleared to Messenger for a shot at the target, parried by custodian Luke Ward for a scramble near the goal-line but cleared and recycled leading to a couple of corner kicks – the second of which resulted in a shot from Turley and a tackle from Peare to keep it alive before the ball was fed to Miles who clipped it from the right byline towards the back post where JAKE LEE powerfully headed into the net.  1-0. 

Hadley responded to the setback by pressing their hosts, who countered, but were unable to break through. 

Half Time:   1-0

Cirencester kicked-off the second half by launching the ball to the right corner and after a short skirmish Hadley broke away down their right flank before conceding possession when a free kick was awarded to their hosts. 

Nine minutes into the half Cirencester worked the ball from right to left as Miles supplied Burns who moved it on to McCrae to take into the visitors Penalty Area before shooting – parried by Ward and cleared.  

A couple of minutes later Hadley’s Zacharias Uribarri worked the ball inside to Luke Alfano, right to Ajong who cut back from the right corner onto his left foot to send a low cross into the home box which was cleared but returned by Dabo towards the far-post where Stones headed goalwards – parried by Nelson for an incoming Ajong to head towards Alfano who swept it towards goal from the line of the right post to be saved by Nelson.

As the hour mark approached the hosts attacked down their right flank to the corner and as they worked the ball back a free kick was awarded to Cirencester that Miles delivered to the area between 6-yard box and Penalty Spot where NICK PEARE arrived to firmly head downwards and into the net.  2-0.

Almost immediately the hosts were back again as Aidan Bennett switched the ball from left to right for Miles to slide down the right flank for an overlapping Christopher to chase, collect and cross. The cross was cut-out at the near post and resulted in a corner kick that Miles delivered to the back post where an incoming REEGAN MESSENGER headed towards the right post. A defender headed away from near the goal-line but the Assistant Referee indicated it was from behind the line and the gaol was awarded.  3-0. 

Hadley reacted positively to this further setback as Cameron Ferguson exchanged passes with Stones before slipping the ball to Jordan Edwards who drove down the left side edge of the home box to cross – too long but as the game entered the final quarter Stones chased a long ball to the left corner and played it inside to Edwards who slipped it right to Alfano, centre front edge of the Penalty Area, and he struck a fierce shot that crashed against the right post to rebound across the goalmouth. 

During the next ten minutes Hadley launched a number of long balls down the pitch but they were comfortably dealt with by the home defence and as the game entered the final ten scheduled minutes they worked the ball down their right flank for Alfano to cut inside and the result was a free kick from near the right front corner of the home box. Jordan Edwards struck the kick towards the far-post where Nelson dived to his right to block and Stones fired the rebound over the bar.

A couple of attacks from Cirencester followed but neither caused the visitors too much trouble and as the game drew to a close the busy Ajong supplied a low cross from the right-side edge of the home box to Stones who miss-controlled for Nelson to collect. 

Full Time:   3-0 

A solid performance from the Centurions, with three well taken goals, against a Hadley side that never gave up.



Attendance:    168                             Referee:       Adam Wilson 


Cirencester Town:

    1.     Stuart Nelson
    2.     Will Christopher
    3.     Charlie Johnson
    4.     Joe Turley
    5.     Jake Lee                                              38 
    6.     Nick Peare                              60
    7.     Felix Miles
    8.     Reegan Messenger                              63
    9.     Daniel Grieve
   10.     Harry Burns
   11.     Charlie McCrae

   12.     Aidan Bennett                          (Charlie McCrae-58mins)  
   14.     Ben Whitehead                        (Dan Grieve-61mins)
   15.     Willem Pooley                           (Felix Miles-76mins)
   16.     Josh Seller
   17.     Ronnie Newberry   (GK)



    1.     Luke Ward
    2.     Mohammed Dabo
    3.     Nnamdi Harold-Egole
    4.     Cameron Ferguson
    5.     Alvin Kyeremeh
    6.     Peter Rosemin 
    7.     Zacharias Uribarri
    8.     Edward Davis
    9.     Isaac Stones
   10.    Lawrence Ajong
   11.     Luke Alfano     ©

   12.     Josip Jevdjic                           (Edward Davis-64mins)      
   14.     Herbie Townsend
   15.     Jordan Edwards                       (Zacharias Uribarri-64mins)

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