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Pitching In Southern League 

Division 1 Central 


Cirencester Town  4 - 1  Biggleswade FC 



Click photo to view a slideshow of photos from the match

Match photos supplied by Graham Hill



Match report by Dave Pyzer


Cirencester Town returned to action following a two-week break due to the weather with a home match against high-flying Biggleswade FC and produced a solid team performance to secure the victory and move into the top five.


Prior to this match the visitors sat in 2nd place in the league table with 43 points from 22 games played whilst Cirencester were in 7th place with 31 points from their 20 games played and in terms of current form – based on the ‘6-Match Form Guide’ table – Biggleswade have secured 12 points from their last 6 games whilst Cirencester have obtained 10 points to be placed in 3rd and 6th place respectively in the relevant table. The reverse fixture in October between the sides resulted in a 3-1 victory for Biggleswade.


There was only one change to the Cirencester starting eleven, when compared to the last match, with Jay Simpson taking the place of Jordan Morris who took a seat on the bench.


The home side kicked off playing towards The Arena end of the ground to work the ball to their right flank but the intended launch to the corner was quickly blocked leading to a throw-in to the visitors deep inside Cirencester’s half that was defended for a counter attack down the same flank.

During the early minutes both sides were being careful with lots of passes across the pitch and not a lot of forward movement until in the 8th minute Joe Turley played the ball to his right and when it was intercepted near the centre front edge of the Biggleswade box he quickly won it back again and shot at the target but ‘keeper Daniel Green stretched out a foot to divert it for a corner kick. The busy Turley sent the kick to Josh Nelmes at the back and he headed it towards the right post where it was blocked but recovered by Andy Lewis leading to a corner kick from the right that was defended and cleared.

Ten minutes into the match Mekhi Angol made a driving run down the Biggleswade left channel and when his progress was halted a free kick was awarded that Jack Dreyer sent towards the Penalty Spot but Turley cleared the danger before it reached its intended target. 

In reply Cirencester mounted an attack down their right flank as Zac Guinan laid the ball off to Will Christopher who clipped it down the line to Levi Irving but he was quickly surrounded and the threat dealt with by the visitors who made some progress to the right corner eventually resulting in a free kick that was played short and intercepted by Turley who switched play by delivering the ball from inside the home half, left channel, for Irving to collect inside the visitors half, right channel, and push and chase towards their box.  Jack Dreyer saw the danger and sped back to challenge and concede a corner kick that was met by the head of Nelmes for Green to push over his bar but there had been a foul in the build-up and a free kick awarded to Biggleswade.

As the mid-point approached Cirencester increased the pressure as Jay Simpson made ground to the left corner before play was switched to the right flank where a free kick was awarded that Christopher sent into the Biggleswade box to be headed out and recycled back to Christopher – another deeper cross towards the far left post followed and this time Green made the catch at the second attempt. 

Biggleswade played the ball to the right-side edge of the home box for Angol to collect but as he cut inside he lost the ball and immediately Ellis Dunton sent a diagonal pass, from left to right, behind Reiss Oteng but a charging Guinan was unable to collect – goal-kick.

Cirencester were increasing the pressure and this led to a free kick near the left touchline, 25 yards out, that Turley sent to the back post where ANDY LEWIS rose to head towards the top right corner of the goal-frame. The ball struck the crossbar and rebounded down to strike the flailing Green and into the net to open the scoring.  1-0. 

On the half-hour mark a long ball down the left channel was controlled by Irving on his chest before he turned and charged past his marker and several other attempted challenges to reach the side edge of the Biggleswade box where he was surrounded and lost possession. 

Shortly afterwards Adam Wedd sent the ball down their right channel but it was intercepted by Nelmes and launched towards the front edge of the Biggleswade box where Green advanced and LEVI IRVING challenged to rob him of the ball and ‘walk’ it into the vacant net.  2-0. 

As the visitors attempted to mount another attack down the centre the danger was cleared but collected by Thomas Coles who immediately shot at goal from 20 yards – well wide of the right post. 

Biggleswade tried again for Alex Marsh to make progress to the right-side edge of the home box with his cross leading to a corner kick that Thomas Coles headed wide of the right post from near the Penalty Spot. 

As the interval loomed the visitors were making a determined effort to reach the home box but were being pushed back by a resolute home defence and on the stroke of half-time Guinan was fouled on the edge of the Biggleswade box as he collected a Lewis header - Lewis drove the kick into the ‘wall’. 

Cirencester had had much of the possession during this half and limited Biggleswade’s progress although the visitors had shown they could be a threat if allowed more room. 

Half Time:   2-0 

From the re-start Biggleswade came out as if they meant business and almost immediately Michael Simpson struck a fierce shot from just outside the home box that required a diving block from ‘keeper Alex Harris to keep it out  - leading to a counter attack down the Cirencester right flank and Guinan nearly supplying Simpson on the burst. 

The home side then worked the ball down their left flank as Dunton exchanged passes with Turley, forward to Guinan, left to Simpson and into the Penalty Area but lost as he cut right inside the box. 

Undeterred Cirencester worked the ball down the right channel, left to Guinan who collected near the left-side edge of the Biggleswade box, moved right and clipped it towards the far-right post where a supporting JOE SHEPHERD arrived to finish.  3-0. 

Biggleswade responded to this setback as Alex Marsh reached the left side edge of the home box to ‘win’ a corner kick that Harris pushed away from his goal for Dunton to complete the clearance. 

As Biggleswade tried to work the ball forward they were pushed back by Cirencester and when they did get through Harris dealt with the threat – a break down the right channel required him to advance and block whilst a counter from Angol resulted in him diverting the shot for a corner kick. 

As the mid-point approached Cirencester attacked down their left flank to ‘win’ a corner kick that Irving headed over the bar at the near post. 

Shortly afterwards Kian Coles sent a Biggleswade free kick from near the right front corner of the home box towards the goal but a home player, unrecognisable in the thickening fog, dived to head it away and a counter attack followed as the ball was played up to Guinan, right to Irving, back to Guinan to collect in the left channel of the visitor’s box but his right footed curling shot was wide of the far-right post. 

Biggleswade pressed but made little progress and when Cirencester countered the ball was played down the right touchline for Guinan to collect and slip into the path of a charging Simpson who took it to the corner – eventually leading to a cross to the far-left post for Guinan’s attempt on goal to be cleared off the line. 

When Biggleswade pressed again to reach the right corner the threat was cleared to Simpson who made ground before switching play to Shepherd as he arrived in the left channel of the visitor’s box – right foot shot blocked by Green’s feet.

The visitors had seen more of the ball in this half and finally their efforts were rewarded when a ball down their left channel was collected by ALEX MARSH who worked his way into the box, despite being surrounded and put under immense pressure, to smash his shot into the roof of the net.  3-1. 

At this point Cirencester made three substitutions to add fresh legs to the contest and this produced an opening immediately as Nick Peare sent a pass down the left channel for Jordan Morris to collect – his first shot was blocked but he recovered to collect and chip towards the far-right post where it was headed clear. 

Next up Irving chased what appeared to be a lost cause to the right corner, won the ball and cut left past a couple of challenges as he entered the box to fire wide of the target.

As Biggleswade pressed Dunton intercepted and began a run down the centre that resulted in a throw-in in the left corner and a Peare header to Shepherd, flicked on to Morris and a cross from the by-line that was cleared on the edge of the visitors 6-yard box. 

In the final minutes of the game a Biggleswade free kick was blocked and cleared to Peare, who  instantly supplied Morris, left channel front edge of the visitors box, and he immediately supplied JOE SHEPHERD, centre front edge of the box, who moved right before producing a clinical finish into the bottom left corner.  4-1. 

There was still time for one more attack from the visitors as Adam Hunt crossed from the right corner for Angol to dart forward but his effort was wide of the right post

Full Time:   4-1 

An entertaining game played by two ‘footballing’ teams in a good spirit in difficult conditions with the fog getting thicker, especially in the one corner, as the game progressed.

Well officiated with positive, clear decisions that kept the game flowing.

It was clear why Biggleswade are at the top end of the table and Cirencester certainly couldn’t allow them any space and had to produce their ‘A’ game with a solid team performance.


Attendance:    228                            Referee:       Cain Collins 


Cirencester Town: 

    1.     Alex Harris
    2.     Will Christopher
    3.     Ellis Dunton
    4.     Joe Turley
    5.     Jake Lee     © 
    6.     Josh Nelmes  
    7.     Jay Simpson
    8.     Andy Lewis                                           26
    9.     Levi Irving                                            34
   10.    Zac Guinan
   11.     Joe Shepherd                                      50, 90  

   12.     Nick Hancock                            
   14.     Reegan Messenger                      (Andy Lewis-79mins)
   15.     Nick Peare                                 (Joe Turley-79mins)
   16.     Jordan Morris                            (Zac Guinan-79mins)
   17.     Kevin Sawyer  (GK)


Biggleswade FC: 

   1.     Daniel Green
   2.     Adam Hunt
   3.     Reiss Oteng
   4.     Adam Wedd
   5.     Daniel Newton
   6.     Lawrence Marsh
   7.     Alexander Marsh                                   78
   8.     Jack Dreyer
   9.     Mekhi Angol
  10.     Thomas Coles     ©  
  11.     Kian Coles

  12.     Charlie Hayford
  14.     Lee Northfield                            (Reiss Oteng-62mins)
  15.     Daniel Bond
  16.     Michael Simpson                         (Adam Wedd-46mins)

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