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BetVictor Southern League 2019/20

Division 1 South


Cirencester Town  4 – 1  Moneyfields FC



Click   photo to view a slideshow of photos from the match

 Courtesy of Steve Rolfe Photography


Match Report by Dave Pyzer


Cirencester conceded a goal moments before going to the interval but three goals in ten minutes shortly after the break was enough to secure victory.


The previous encounter between the sides, back in October, resulted in a hard fought 0-0 draw when they were ‘neck and neck’ in the league table but prior to this match Moneyfields were in 18th place and Cirencester 7th and current form, based on the ‘6-Match Form Guide’ table, also  places the teams 17th and 6th respectively.  


Manager John Brough made a couple of changes from the team that secured a disciplined victory at Paulton as Lewis Clayton returned between the sticks and Levi Irving up front in place of Kev Sawyer and Lewis Thompson respectively. Home supporters would therefore get their first view of recent recruit Joe Turley who enjoyed a solid debut in front of the back four at Paulton.

Moneyfields kicked off playing towards ‘The Shed’ end of the ground but soon lost possession enabling Cirencester to counter to the left corner and shortly afterwards the home side were awarded a corner kick that resulted in a goal kick but it didn’t take long before they were back again.

During the early period Cirencester were pressing down their flanks and Moneyfields were proving difficult to break down but by the mid-point of the half the visitors were countering with more purpose with the hard-working Stephen Hutchings often the outlet. 

The game became more even as Cirencester attacked down their flanks and Moneyfields countered. 

From one such attack Nick Hancock crossed from the left corner for Levi Irving to head goal-wards but it was cleared and recycled to Joe Turley who moved right and into the right channel of the penalty area before sending a dangerous cross towards the far post resulting in a corner kick and from another Will Tunnicliff fired narrowly wide of the left post as he turned near the penalty spot. 

Moneyfields counter attacks included a flick inside from Hutchings, near the right touchline, to Jake Raine as he drove down the centre to release Miles Everett into the penalty area but his shot was blocked and this was followed later as Everett slipped Hutchings into the home box but Will Wellon was quickly across to block.

As the interval loomed both sides had chances as Irving slipped Tommy Anderson into the box for a 1v1 with ‘keeper Jake Hallett who managed to block at his feet. The resulting corner kick saw Irving brought to the ground but claims for a penalty kick were ignored as the ball reached Mike Pook who crossed towards the far right post where it was cleared.

On the stroke of half time Moneyfields countered as Joe Briggs reached the right by-line to cross into the 6 yard box where STEPHEN HUTCHINGS headed into the net.  0-1.

Half Time:  0-1

The half-time ‘chat’ certainly seemed to have the desired affect on the home side as from the re-start they produced a quick, intricate move as Jonny Dennis on the left touchline exchanged passes with Hancock as they worked their way to the edge of the penalty area where the ball was slipped to Pook and on to Irving resulted in a corner kick from the left. Tommy Anderson delivered the kick to the far post where an incoming JOSH NELMES powered his header into the net.  1-1.

Four minutes later Cirencester took the lead after they had worked the ball to the right corner where a free kick was awarded and this time Anderson delivered a precise kick to the near post as MIKE POOK darted across from the penalty spot towards the front right corner of the 6-yard box to produce a brave glancing header that found the back of the net.  2-1

A few minutes later Dennis played the ball down the left flank to Irving resulting in a throw-in near the corner. Mike Pook threw the ball to Anderson who twisted and turned before slipping the ball forward to JONNY DENNIS who moved right, along the edge of the visitor’s box, before sending a ‘curling’ shot into the top right corner.  3-1

During this rampant period Hancock played a superb pass down the centre as Dennis darted forward for a 1v1 with Hallett but he fired wide of the right post as the ‘keeper advanced and moments later Hancock cut in from the left flank and sent a low cross towards the far post that Hallett saw very late but managed to push round his left post. 

On the hour mark Everett and Connor Hoare worked the ball to the right channel of the home area where the resulting shot was blocked but it was a sign that the visitors were recovering from the shock of conceding three quick goals.   

Shortly after the mid-point of the half Briggs reached the home area and shot – pushed wide by ‘keeper Lewis Clayton. Joe Turley headed the corner kick away but it was recycled to the corner and Nelmes headed out at the far post for another corner kick, this time from the left. Conor Bailey sent the kick to the front edge of the 6-yard box where Hutchings header was blocked leading to the ball ‘bobbing about’ in front of the goal before it was eventually cleared. 

Moneyfields were really giving it a go now as Sam Pearce galloped to the right corner to supply Zac Sharp but his cross was cut out by Nelmes. This was soon followed by Briggs firing over the bar. 

Whilst Moneyfields had responded to the early setback Cirencester were still dangerous and a good block from a covering Tunnicliff and a terrific Jordan Morris cross-field pass, from right to left, released Dennis again down the centre for another 1v1 with Hallett and this time the ‘keeper deflected the effort wide of his right post. Ross Gabriel headed the resulting corner kick over at the back post. 

Almost immediately Moneyfields suffered a further setback when they were reduced to ten men as Hutchings received his second Yellow Card - followed by the customary Red. 

As the game was drawing to a close Cirencester pressed again and a Gabriel shot was deflected for another corner kick from the left that eventually reached Pook who slipped the ball to Turley on the burst into the right channel of the visitor’s box and this too resulted in a corner kick. The kick reached the area in front of the goal, between penalty spot and 6-yard box, drawing Hallett from his goal to punch, but it dropped into the mix and JOSH NELMES hooked it into the goal.     

Full Time:   4-1 

As the saying goes ‘a game of two halves’ as Cirencester pressed early on for Moneyfields to counter and take the lead but after the break the home side produced an impressive opening spell that gave them a two goal ‘cushion’ and ultimately the three points.



Attendance:  117                                 

Referee:   Mark Pearson          



1.   Lewis Clayton
2.   Jordan Morris                               
3.   Will Tunnicliff
4.   Joe Turley
5.   Josh Nelmes                                               47, 90+2
6.   Will Wellon
7.   Tommy Anderson
8.   Michael Pook     ©                                       51
9.   Levi Irving 
10.  Nick Hancock
11.  John Dennis                                                56 

12.  Jack Freeman                                (Nick Hancock-66mins)                        
14.  Ross Gabriel                                  (Levi Irving-75mins)
15.  Lewis Thompson                            
16.  Toumani Sidibe                              (Tommy Anderson-83mins)      
17.  Kevin Sawyer   (GK)



 1.   Jake Hallett
 2.   Zak Sharp
 3.   Conor Bailey
 4.   Jake Raine
 5.   Jamie Ford
 6.   Sam Pearce
 7.   Connor Hoare
 8.   Stephen Hutchings     ©                            45
 9.   Joseph Briggs 
19.  Tyler Giddings
11.  Miles Everett

12.  Rhys Lloyd                                     (Zak Sharp-84mins)    
14.  Danny Burroughs
15.  Lamin Jatta
16   Ilyas Warshow                               (Miles Everett-71mins)
17.   Max Flintoft        


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