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American Visitors

At Saturdays game with Leamington the club saw two new supporters who had travelled the furthest of anyone in the ground to the game. Enrique Baro and Elizabeth Gross are over in the UK from Los Angeles and can often be seen watching David Beckham and Robbie Keane at LA Galaxy in the MLS League.

They had kindly been pointed in the direction of the Corinium Stadium by Dave Watson at the Wheatsheaf in Cirencester when asked about local football teams.

Enrique went on to explain:

"I had found The Wheatsheaf the last time, as one does, looking for a sports bar and they were really welcoming. Went back this time basically to ask Dave Watson if he could recommend a good game for us to go and see. And he said pop in on Saturday, Ciren are at home and though they have only just won their first home match this season seem to have turned the corner. They are playing a team at the top of the League they have never yet beaten but they are a nice club and you'll see a Southern Prem game, near the top of the non-league set up."

Elizabeth said after the game:

"That was a great game, really competitive, with some great plays [do yr own translation there] and both sets of boosters [fans] got right behind their teams. I really liked the fact you could get so close to the play, and I had no idea the skill and speed would be like that. There was some really competitive contact out there but both teams did not complain and the referee was in control."

Enrique picked up a souvenir while at the ground of a club beanie hat modelled in the picture below. Everybody at the club hopes they enjoyed their day out and that they keep up to date with how the team is doing via the website and perhaps they return one day to watch another game.

Enrique & Elizabeth

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