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Bully Bares All

Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look back over the season and speaking to a few people around the club to get their opinions on how the season has gone from both an individual and team point of view.

To kick us off we start with first team goalkeeper Matt Bulman who rejoined from Swindon Supermarine at the start of the season.

Matt, what are your thoughts on how your own season has gone on your return to the club?

"I thought I did ok but think I can do better still next season. I was disappointed that I missed a few games with a rib injury which took a while to shake off."


How did you feel the team did overall over the course of the season?

"I thought the team did brilliantly! We had our ups and downs throughout the season like most teams do but I think we would of taken where we finished if you had asked us at the start of the season. After coming back up in the Premier Division it was always going to be a season of consolidation."


What was the highlight of the season from both your own perspective and that of the team?

"The highlight for myself was captaining the side on a few occasions. The highlight for the team was having a good run of results at the end which helped us finish the season strongly and beating some good teams such as Cambridge City away which was a fantastic result."


What was the lowest point of the season, again from your own perspective and that of the team?

"Again missing those games with injury was a low point for me. From the team point of view I think going out of the FA Cup so early was a big blow especially when you see what is possible in the competition from other teams at our level and the rewards a good run can bring your club."


What was the funniest moment from the season?

"I would have to say a story of a particular Friday night adventure Matt Sysum had.............!"


And finally what are your thoughts on next season?

"Excited as I think we have a decent squad which we proved when playing some of the top sides. We want to push on up into the top half of the table and then from there who knows, maybe a play-off spot if things go well for us and we stay relatively injury free."


Many thanks go to Matt for taking time out of his busy day to answer a few questions. Keep a look out for further interviews in the coming weeks.




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